Team Maths 2024

Team Maths 2024

Team Maths Rules 2024 

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  1. Team Maths is a competition for teams of up to four students.  Questions will be based on the Leaving Certificate Higher Level syllabus. Use of Formulae & Tables booklets (as published by the SEC) is allowed. These should be provided by students/participating schools and should be ready for spot-checks if requested by invigilators.
  2. Any team that takes part in the National Final must be comprised of the same members who competed in the regional competition. Substitution / replacement of team members is NOT allowed, under any circumstances, but a team can take part in the National Final with less than the original number of members. All teams contesting the final are subject to validation checks by the IMTA.
  3. At least 3 schools must have been represented at the Regional/Branch competition, for the winners to qualify for the National Final.
  4. Six minutes will be allowed for each round. The contest will have 8 rounds (6 rounds of two questions, followed by 2 rounds of four questions). There may also be a tiebreak, (see Rule 10).
  5. Question papers will be distributed by the organisers, face downwards, on the tables and must not be looked at until the instruction is given to START.
  6. Answer papers must be surrendered immediately and placed face-downwards for collection by the organisers at the signal for the end of the round, (i.e. answers must be written before the final signal.) A warning will be given one minute before the final signal.
  7. Each correctly answered question will be awarded one mark (HIT OR MISS). No marks are awarded for incorrect, incomplete, or ambiguous answers, or answers not in the specified format or location.
  8. Except for Rule 9 below, students may only use paper provided by the organisers and appropriate pages of the Formulae & Tables booklet.
  9. Calculators, as specified by the State Examinations Commission for the Leaving Certificate examination, may be used. It is forbidden to use any other electronic item, including devices capable of scanning, transmitting or receiving data, voice, text, etc.
  10. If two or more teams are tied for first place after the eight rounds, there will be a further 6-minute tiebreak round for the teams involved. In this round, teams may submit their answer papers before the final signal. If two or more teams are still tied on their scores after this round, then the tying team which submitted its answer paper first will be deemed to have won, and so on. (Note however that the score is the primary criterion.) Should the tie remain after this procedure, then the adjudicator, at his or her discretion, will determine how the matter is to be resolved. Only team rank order, and not tiebreak round scores, will be announced after the tiebreak.
  11. Each team must be accompanied by a teacher at the National Final. Every team and accompanying teacher will be required to register on arrival at the venue final.
  12. By taking part in this competition, teams will be deemed to have accepted the rules. A breach of any of these rules may merit disqualification from the competition.
  13. The decision of the appointed adjudicator will be final.

Participating schools must have at least one fully paid-up member of the IMTA.

Details on the qualification process works the National Final may be found here