National Council

The IMTA is governed by representatives from each branch who then elect Officers.

The current Council elected on December 15th 2020, following AGM of November 28th 2020.

  • Chairperson: Ciarán Duffy
  • Vice-Chairperson: Eoghan O’Leary
  • Correspondence Secretary: Enda Donnelly
  • Recording Secretary: Enda Donnelly
  • Treasurer: Horst Punzet
  • CPD Coordinator: Aidan Roche
  • Newsletter Committee: Eoghan Long, Elizabeth Oldham, Michael Walsh, Horst Punzet
  • Clare/Limerick/Tipperary: Jack Neylon
  • Cork: Eoghan O’Leary
  • Dublin: Horst Punzet
  • Galway: Jane Keenan
  • Kerry: Mike Keating
  • Mayo: Michael Walsh
  • Midlands: Rory Kearney
  • Waterford/Kilkenny: Enda Donnelly
  • Wexford: Aidan Roche
  • Co-Opted: Eoghan Long
  • Third Level Representatives: Elizabeth Oldham, and Cornelia Connolly