Junior Cycle Reform – Members’ Survey 2022

There were 352 responses to our survey on Junior Cycle reform.

A summary can be found here

Question 4 in the survey asked people to express their level of agreement with a number of different statements around the Junior Cycle maths programme, the assessment arrangements for the 21/22 cohort and the removal of foundation level as an examination option for students. The exact statistics for these questions are provided below. Click each image to see results.

Higher Level JC maths prepares students appropriately for LC maths.

One exam paper is sufficient for HL students

One exam paper is sufficient for OL students

I have enough time to teach the course

The guidance offered by the SEC for JC 2022 is sufficient

The level of attainment in maths of students in 2022 is the same as pre-Covid cohorts

CBAs are beneficial to students

The removal of the Assessment Task and limiting students to 1 CBA was sufficient 'compensation' for students

The assessment task should be re-introduced next year

Students who just miss out on L2LP are capable of succeeding in OL maths

The removal of the foundation level exam is a good thing

A Foundation level paper should be offered in 2022

A Foundation level paper should be offered in 2023