Senior Cycle Reform – Members’ Survey 2022

There were 376 responses.

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What is your initial reaction to the announcement made on Senior Cycle Reform?

Do you feel the IMTA should make a response to these proposed changes?

Reduction of importance of terminal exam to 60% is positive

Increase in flexibility between LCE, LCA and LCVP is welcome

40% externally moderated teacher based component is a good addition

Level 1 & 2 programmes in Senior Cycle are positive additions

The time frame for roll out is too slow

Exams in Irish and English in 5th year is a good development

Flexibility for students is positive

The 40% component should be

In terms of the 60% for the terminal exam

Which of the following statements best reflects your feelings on Senior Cycle Mathematics

In relation to the 40% component, would you like to see