Teacher CPD Videos

Recordings of branch meetings, workshops and seminars can be found here.

February 25th 2021 – Catherine Sweeney (Wesley College) presents to members on using Desmos and Geogebra Classroom for teaching and learning. Please note that during the live sessions teachers were doing the assigned activities between 7-12 minutes and 18-23 minutes, (roughly) so you may want to forward through this part of the video.

January 28th 2021 – Emily Breen & Jennifer Keegan on Making videos for online learning using a variety of apps including Explain Everything, Screencast-O-Matic, PowerPoint, iPad, MS Teams and Stream.

November 10th 2020 – Dr Aibhín Bray, Trinity College Dublin – Classroom Based Assessment – Bridge 21 model – Possible Framework for CBAs

September 15th, 2020Microsoft for the Maths Classroom

Helene Suttle (Lucan CC) on MS Forms
Sally Greenwood (Castleknock College) on MS OneNote
Jim McElroy (Castleknock College) on MS Teams