Pi Quiz 2024

Pi Quiz 2024

The 2024 Pi Quiz marked a milestone for the IMTA as it saw the biggest turnout in the competition’s history. A total of 3,004 students competed, forming 751 teams across 37 centres nationwide. This impressive engagement underscores the growing interest and dedication to mathematics among junior cycle students across Ireland.

The Pi Quiz consists of eight rigorously designed rounds, each escalating in difficulty and breadth. From algebra and arithmetic to tricky trigonometry, the competition spanned a wide array of mathematical skills, with the first six rounds featuring two questions each and the final two rounds challenging teams with four questions. 

Notably, Round 6 emerged as the most daunting round for students, with some tough algebra questions that stumped 64% of the teams who struggled to produce points from the round. Round 2 saw an impressive 92% of teams achieving full marks, demonstrating adeptness in the conversion of units and application of ratios.

Among the standout performances, Tullamore College achieved perfection with a score of 20 points, setting a high benchmark for excellence. The breakdown of overall scores further highlighted the competitive spirit and high level of preparation among participants. 30 teams across the country broke into the 95th percentile with a score of 17 and above. The median score across the country was 11, the mean score was 11.15 with a standard deviation of 3.6.

The enthusiasm and achievements seen in the preliminary rounds set a high bar and great anticipation for the upcoming final. Scheduled for April 20th in Maynooth, the finale promises to be a thrilling event, where the top teams will battle it out to become the All Ireland Pi Quiz Champions. 

This event’s success is a testament to the hard work of the students, the guidance of their teachers, and the support of the IMTA. It also highlights the importance of mathematics in education and the value of providing engaging platforms for students to showcase their skills.

As we look forward to the final, we congratulate all participants for their achievements and wish the finalists the best of luck. 

The Pi Quiz continues to be a highlight in the academic calendar, inspiring students and celebrating the joys of mathematics. Stay tuned for updates from the final, and may the best team emerge victorious!

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Questions from the regional round of the Pi Quiz can be found below

Pi Quiz Leagan Gaeilge Regional 2024 V2

Pi Quiz Regional 2024 V2