2023 Maggie Gough Analysis

2023 Maggie Gough Analysis

A full analysis of the 2023 Maggie Gough competition can be found below.

  • There were 18,794 entries from 215 schools across the country.
  • 464 entries were completed through Irish.
  • Four students achieved the maximum 20 points
  • A total of 55 achieved 16 or higher.
  • The mean was 5.38 and the standard deviation was 2.81.
    While the scores seem quite low, the competition is meant to challenge
    students and get them to think. It was particularly challenging for 2nd
    year students with a mean of 4.37 and a standard deviation of 2.19.

Maggie Gough Summary 2023


Below are links to the inaugural competition questions which you can use with your own students. It is important that you click ‘Duplicate It”. This will duplicate the form and you can use it as your own.  The questions are self correcting and you will be able to see your student’s responses.

2023 English                       2023 Irish