IMTA Presentations

IMTA Presentations

The IMTA Council recently celebrated the contributions of five hard-working and distinguished members of our organisation.

Brendan O’Sullivan and Seán MacCormaic as past Chairpersons of the association, Michael Moynihan and Neil Hallinan for their work in the Junior Maths Competition, Newsletters, Peter’s Problem and archiving and Elizabeth Oldham for 52 years of knowledge, expertise and unwavering support of the organisation.

Brendan, Elizabeth and Michael were available to attend a small presentation ceremony and lunch recently as part of our Team Maths national final in UCD on March 12th 2022. They also stayed to make some excellent contributions to our afternoon of reflections and review of the work of the association. Elizabeth Oldham also set the scene with a brief history of the IMTA and posed some interesting questions of her own for us to consider.

Elizabeth E Oldham & Ciarán Duffy

Brendan O’Sullivan & Ciarán Duffy

Michael Moynihan & Ciarán Duffy