IMTA Constitution

IMTA Constitution as amended November 2020


The Association shall be known as: “Cumann Oidí Matamaitice na hÉireann” or “Irish Mathematics Teachers’ Association“. This may be shortened to IMTA.

2. AIM

The aim of the Association shall be to further the study and teaching of Mathematics and to foster co-operation between teachers of Mathematics at all levels, especially by means of the following:

2.1 The encouragement of the formation of regional branches.

2.2 The promotion of lectures, debates and symposia.

2.3 The foundation and development of library facilities.

2.4 Continuous review of curricula and examinations.

2.5 Ensuring that suitable text material is made available.

2.6 Promotion of research and experimental projects in mathematical education.

2.7 Liaison with kindred associations and with Educational authorities.

2.8 The publication of a newsletter / journal [to contain articles and contributions from branches, individual members, various groups and other contributors]; the maintenance of the Association website.

2.9 The encouragement and promotion of professional development.


3.1 All those interested in mathematics and mathematics education may apply for membership, subject to the approval of Council.

3.2 There shall be three categories of membership: full, honorary and associate. Persons not in full-time employment may opt for associate membership if they wish.

3.3 Persons who, in the opinion of the Council have contributed notably to mathematics or mathematics education may be elected honorary members.

3.4 Associate Members and Honorary Members shall have all the privileges of membership except that they may not hold office or vote.

3.5 Council shall decide on regulations for the formation of Branches from time to time.

3.6 Each Branch Secretary shall keep an alphabetical list of members with their home addresses and the addresses of the School, College, Institute or University at which they teach, where relevant. Each Branch shall forward a list of members to the national Treasurer annually by a date to be determined by Council.

3.7 Each Branch Treasurer shall furnish a Statement of Accounts to August 31, to Council annually by a date to be determined by Council.


4.1 The annual subscription for members and associate members shall be determined annually by the Annual General Meeting, to take effect for the following academic year.

4.2 Branches shall withhold 50% of the annual subscription, the remaining 50% to be apportioned to Council.

4.3 The Treasurer of the Branch shall acknowledge in writing receipt of all subscriptions.


5.1 The Council shall have the following functions:

5.1.1 To administer the affairs of the Association.

5.1.2 To represent the branches and members.

5.1.3 To implement the Aims of the Association.

5.1.4 To negotiate with the NCCA and the Department of Education & Skills on behalf of the Association.

5.2 The Outgoing Council

5.2.1 The term ‘outgoing Council’ refers to the Council at any time currently in office, and whose work, other than that of its officers, ceases at the end of the AGM. The term ‘outgoing officers’ refers to the six officers, namely the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Recording Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Co-ordinator, of the outgoing Council. The work of the outgoing officers ceases at the start of the First Meeting of the new Council after the AGM.

5.2.2 Each outgoing officer who is not elected to the new Council at the AGM shall have the option of being a member, not necessarily an officer, of the new Council for the duration of the Council. If an outgoing officer is elected to an office on the new Council, he/she shall, at the end of that second office, be entitled to the option attached to an officer outgoing from that Council.

5.3 The Council shall consist of the following:

5.3.1 Those outgoing officers who choose to exercise their right, set out in Provision 5.2.2, to membership of the new Council.

5.3.2 The Syllabus Committee representatives.

5.3.3 The editor of the journal (ex-officio).

5.3.4 Members from the second level sector, with each branch electing one member, who shall be nominated in writing to Council Honorary Secretary, at least four weeks in advance of the AGM.

5.3.5 Four members from the third level sector to be nominated to Council at the AGM.

5.3.6 One member from the primary sector, to be nominated to Council at AGM.

5.3.7 Not more than two co-opted members.

5.4 First Meeting of the New Council

Each officer of the outgoing Council shall, no later than the end of the First Meeting of the new Council, confirm to the Secretary (outgoing or incoming) of the Association, who shall communicate the information to the new Council, whether or not he/she intends to exercise the right to be a member of the new Council. This right, if unconfirmed, will lapse at the end of the First Meeting of the new Council subject to the following:

The First Meeting of the new Council shall choose a chairperson pro tem who will conduct an election of officers to the new Council. Following the election of these officers, insofar as that can be done at the meeting, the new Council chairperson, or in his/her absence another new officer, shall take over the chairing of the First Meeting, and of subsequent meetings of the Council. If no officer is elected at the appointed first meeting, then the first subsequent meeting will become the First Meeting and all the provisions set out above for outgoing officers shall be transferred to this new First Meeting.

5.5 In the event of a branch representative not being able to attend a particular meeting, the member’s branch may nominate a replacement.

5.6 Seven members of the Council shall constitute a quorum.

5.7 In the event of a vacancy occurring, the Council shall have power to fill such vacancy.

5.8 The Council shall also have power to set up Sub-Committees when such are required.

5.9 Temporary Offices
Council may institute Temporary Office positions for the duration of the life of that Council. Each person appointed as a Temporary Officer shall be chosen from among the membership of the Council. A Temporary Office does not carry with it the right to continuing membership of Council in the following year.

5.10 Public Relations Officer
Council shall elect from among its members a Public Relations Officer (PRO) to represent publicly the official policy and views of the Irish Maths Teachers Association. The PRO shall cooperate with the Chairperson and Secretary in the performance of his/her office.


6.1 The terms of office of council shall extend from the conclusion of the AGM to the conclusion of the next AGM.

6.2 The Council shall, at its first meeting, elect from among the incoming Members, the officers of the Association:- Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Recording Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Co-ordinator.

6.3 Each officer may serve for no more than 4 consecutive years in the post.

6.4 The Editorial Board shall be appointed by the Council.


Expenses incurred on behalf of the Association shall be paid by the Treasurer on the recommendation of the Council.


8.1 The Annual Conference shall be held at a time and place decided at the previous Annual General Meeting.

8.2 During the Annual Conference the Annual General Meeting shall be held at which the report of the Honorary Secretary, the Statement of accounts and Treasurer’s report to August 31st shall be presented, and at which nominations to Council for the coming year shall be announced.

8.3 At least six weeks’ notice of the AGM shall be sent to Branch Secretaries to ensure that the members of their branches receive notification at least one month in advance of the meeting.

8.4 An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called at any time by the Honorary Secretary either at the discretion of the Council, or at the request, in writing, of not less than thirty members.

8.5 At a General Meeting any member shall have the right to move a resolution which, having been duly seconded, arises, in the opinion of the Chairperson out of the report of the Honorary Secretary or of the Honorary Treasurer. Other resolutions will be governed by 8.6.

8.6 At the Annual General Meeting any member shall have the right to move a resolution not covered in 8.5, or to propose an amendment to these Rules, provided that two months’ notice of the motion is sent in writing to the Honorary Secretary who shall forward it to all members of the Association when sending notice of the meeting.

8.7 Rule 8.6 shall not apply to resolutions and / or amendments to the Rules of this Constitution, proposed by the Council.

8.8 A resolution shall be duly carried upon receiving a majority of the votes of the members present.


9.1 The Delegate Conference shall consist of the Council and two delegates from each branch.

9.2 The Delegate Conference shall be held from time to time as determined by Council, at a venue arranged at the previous AGM.


Each Council of the IMTA shall take out, or renew, a public liability insurance policy on behalf of the Irish Mathematics Teachers’ Association, except in extraordinary times, as directed by governmentwhen working from home is recommended.