Policies & Submissions

The Council of the Irish Mathematics Teachers’ Association, guided by its membership, has formulated responses to proposed changes in education.

Submission in advance of revised Assessment Arrangements 2021

In light of the decision to offer a choice of written examinations or an accredited grade for LC 2021,  the Irish Mathematics Teachers’ Association of Ireland, following a process of consultation with our membership, submitted the following letter to the SEC, Minister Norma Foley, the NCCA and the Inspectorate on March 3rd 2021. The letter can be read here

A summary of the IMTA survey can be read here

We received a response from the SEC on March 24th 2021. Its response can be read here

Assessment Arrangements State Examinations 2021 in light of Covid-19

The IMTA National Council submitted a letter to the SEC, Minister for Education, the Inspectorate and the NCCA on September 13 2020 outlining our concerns re Assessment Arrangements in mathematics for the 2021 State Examinations.

This letter can be viewed here

We received a response from the SEC on November 24 2020. Its response can be read here

Project Maths

On the 10th September 2012, the IMTA Council encouraged all of its Branches to hold an open forum meeting where all maths teachers in their catchment area were invited to investigate ways to contribute to the experience-based evolution of Project Maths. The findings which emerged from these meetings were coordinated by the executive and formed the basis of the IMTA submission to all partners involved in the curriculum reform.

Applied Maths

The NCCA invited interested parties to express views on the ‘Background Paper and Brief for the Review of Applied Mathematics’. The generation of the background paper and brief provides a background to the development of a specification to replace ‘Leaving Certificate Applied Mathematics’. The consultation process closed on 19 December, 2014. A subcommittee of the IMTA formulated a response to the background paper and submitted it as part of the consultation process.


In May 2015, The Teaching Council produced Cosán, the Council’s draft national framework for teachers’ learning (CPD). A subcommittee of the National Council of the IMTA was formed and formulated a response, which was ratified by the full Council and submitted in September 2015.

SEC Submission

Each year in June, IMTA branches meet around the country and discuss the certificate examinations. A report is then submitted to the Council where all the feedback is collated and a response from the IMTA is formulated and sent the State Examinations Commission.