Pi Quiz Final 2024 Report

The 2024 Pi Quiz: A Showcase of Excellence in Mathematics

The 2024 Pi Quiz, hosted by Maynooth University on April 20th, marked a significant milestone for the IMTA, witnessing the largest turnout in the competition’s history. This year, a 168 students from 42 schools across Ireland participated. This impressive engagement underscores the growing interest and dedication to mathematics among junior cycle students across Ireland.

The Pi Quiz comprised eight rigorously designed rounds, each escalating in difficulty and breadth. Spanning a wide array of mathematical skills, the competition challenged students with questions from probability and financial mathematics to algebra, area, and volume. Notably, the rounds included complex problems involving geometric reasoning combined with algebra to find unshaded areas, requiring a mastery of Pythagoras’ theorem, area calculations, and percentages.

Performance analysis revealed that Round 4 saw the highest average scores, indicating that it aligned well with the students’ strengths. However, Round 7 proved to be the most daunting, with many teams struggling to achieve 50% of the marks in this round. 

St. Benildus College emerged as the champions with an impressive score of 19 out of 20, closely followed by Blackrock College and tied for third, St. Flanan’s College Ennis and Athlone Community College, both scoring 17 out of 20.

The distribution of scores was tightly clustered around a mean of 12.7 and a standard deviation of 2.64, reflecting a competitive spirit among the participants. The finals in Maynooth brought together not only the brightest young mathematicians but also showcased the effective preparation and support from their schools and teachers.

As we look forward to the next year’s event, the success of the 2024 Pi Quiz sets a high bar and great anticipation for future competitions. It highlights the importance of mathematics in education and the value of providing engaging platforms for students to showcase their skills.

Congratulations to all participants for their achievements, and we wish everyone continued success in their mathematical endeavours. The Pi Quiz continues to be a highlight in the academic calendar, inspiring students and celebrating the joys of mathematics.