Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Self-Directed Quizzes

Quiz for Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level  Exam Paper Questions with Marking Schemes (Duplicate the form to use as your own).

Suggested use for these Resources
There are two Sections: 

  • Students work through the question in their copybook – the files are organised with Questions and the Marking Scheme.
  • Students self-correct their work using the marking scheme and grade themselves – this grade can be submitted to the teacher with a copy of the work if desired for formative assessment.

[Note: No final “Grade” mark is awarded until the teacher reviews the work]

Keep checking back as we will be adding to this resource over time.

  2020 – LC OL Paper 1 2020 – LC OL Paper 2
Q1 https://tinyurl.com/355h8vax https://tinyurl.com/28se8lmq
Q2 https://tinyurl.com/hpuon0s9 https://tinyurl.com/2co8m2tf
Q3 https://tinyurl.com/5fr4l7r7 https://tinyurl.com/2a6csq9b
Q4 https://tinyurl.com/5hckgs2g https://tinyurl.com/o35231iy
Q5 https://tinyurl.com/19uuqkwr https://tinyurl.com/2enxevhm
Q6 https://tinyurl.com/28f6gwaw https://tinyurl.com/7y3u1pqs
Q7 https://tinyurl.com/9ujj1he6 https://tinyurl.com/3tr695tl
Q8 https://tinyurl.com/1gj0a0u9 https://tinyurl.com/y3qcuxbk
Q9 https://tinyurl.com/y9fc35j3 https://tinyurl.com/1e9q0okn
  2019 – LC OL Paper 1 2019 – LC OL Paper 2
Q1 https://tinyurl.com/633mseiy  
Q2 https://tinyurl.com/4eaekryh