Junior Maths 2021

The 2021 Irish Junior Maths Competition was undertaken online and proved to be a great success. 207 schools from across the country registered and a total of 6306 students responded. The average mark was 32.2% and a total of 58 students achieved over 75%.

The competition is designed so that the majority of students will achieve high marks in Section A,  the first five questions worth 5 marks each. This was affected by Question 1, where a large percentage of students failed to round to two significant figures. 67% of students failed to round the answer, either misreading or not understanding the concept. Question 5 was also badly answered with only 14% of students correctly dealing with changing percentages.

The competition was help online this year, with students having the choice of doing it through Google or Microsoft Forms and in English or Irish.

Full breakdown of the 2021 competition is available below