First Year Competition

The competition is held annually for students who are in First Year

The competition was developed and organised by Michael Moynihan  and has been running since 1994. It consists of 15 multiple choice brain problem solving questions to be answered within a 40 minute period. Since 2021 the competition has been run online and available in both English and as Gaeilge.

Digital versions of  the question from 2011 – 2023 are now available online.  You can copy and paste the links  for use with your own students.

The 2021 competition was undertaken by a total of 6306 students from 125 schools. 226 students from 7 schools completed the competition through Irish. The mean mark was 32.2% with a standard deviation of 16.1%. A total of 60 students achieved over 75%, and were awarded IMTA trophies. One student, Kai Seino from Mercy Secondary School in Mounthawk, Tralee achieved 100%. Through the kind generosity of Microsoft Ireland, Kai Seino was awarded with a Microsoft Surface Pro for his outstanding efforts. Kai was presented with his prize in April 2021.

The 2022 competition was undertaken by a total of 15,520 students from 225 schools. This represents 30% of all Secondary Schools in Ireland. 274 students from 13 schools completed the competition through Irish.  A total of 69 students achieved over 90% and were awarded IMTA trophies, and of those 33 achieved 100%. The mean mark was 36.5% with a standard deviation of 15.5%

Two schools, Scoil Mhuire College Cork and Sandymount Park ETSS were awarded Folens Homework Space accounts for all of their First Year students. Five schools were awarded Prim-Ed Maths Box: Box 6 valued at €225 each.

The 2023 competition was undertaken by 15,497 students from 219 schools. 392 of the entries were completed through Irish. The average mark was  32% which is to be expected from a competition with such high standards. There was a standard  deviation of 14.6%, indicating that a lot of students scored between 18%-48%. 63 students achieved over 80% and were awarded an IMTA engraved trophy. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the results of Zhizan Zhang (Alexandra College) and Hayk Avetisyan (St. Benildus College) who both scored 100% in this quiz. This is a tremendous achievement. They were both presented with Microsoft Surface Go laptops and pens as well as their IMTA trophy.